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About Prpl Nrpl™
Prpl Nrpl™ is a funny name for an apparel company. But that's alright, because we dig funny stuff and we think it embodies our sense of humor and style. Much like the act of giving someone a purple nurple, we aim to reach out and grab the viewer's attention, twist their wits and get a reaction. Prpl Nrpl™ is all about creating apparel with a twist of wit.

The concept behind our baby and kids apparel is to produce genuinely funny designs that are as funny and real as the babies and kids who wear them. They burp. They puke. They fart. They poop their pants. And they make no apologies. Babies are humans in the purest form and finding humor in their raw behavior is one of the joys of parenting. Prpl Nrpl™ is for those parents.

We think if you take a minute to look at our designs and read through our blog, you will get a better understanding of our sense of humor and style. As they say "a picture's worth a thousand words," so we'll let our designs do the talking.

International Orders
Return Policy

Q: How do I know the quality of your garments?
A: Our designs are printed on American Apparel. They are of the highest quality, made in America and sweatshop free.
Each garment has a custom Prpl Nrpl™ label in the neck and is poly-bagged to keep it crisp and clean.

*The "Doodie" onesie/tee is not printed on American Apparel, but it is just as nice:)

Q: What else do I get?
A: We'll throw some stickers in there for you too.

Q: How are orders processed?
A: We process orders using PayPal.

Q: Do I have to create an account with PayPal to order?
A: Nope. All you need is a credit card. And if you already have a PayPal account, ordering is much faster and easier.

Q: What is this $5 flat rate shipping fee?
A: For a limited time, we will ship any number of Baby & Kid items per order for just $5.

Q: How do you ship?
A: We use the good ol' United States Postal Service.

Q: I just placed my order, when do I get it?
A: Most orders are shipped the next business day. Please allow 5-7 business days to receive your order. (We can't control the mail!)

Q: What if I need it faster?
A: Please contact us before placing an order and we can give you pricing for overnight or next day shipping.
(Sorry, the $5 flat rate shipping fee will not apply.)

Q: If I live outside of the USA, how do I order your product?
A: Place your order and select the "WorldWide Shipping" option.
(Sorry, the $5 flat rate shipping fee will not apply.)

Q: What is your return policy?
A: We will exchange or refund unopened/unwashed items only. A $5 restocking fee applies.

Q: But...
A: Not buts. Please check our sizing information before purchasing.

Q: I am a retailer/buyer, how can I sell your product in my store(s)?
A: Contact us and we will send you wholesale information, including pricing and linesheets for current and future items.

Q: I am an international distributor, how can I represent your product in my region?
A: Contact us and we will send you wholesale information, including pricing and linesheets for current and future items.

Q: What do I do if I have more questions?
A: Email us.

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